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If you're a Ranger/Sentai fan, check it out.

The 90s: Gaming Systems

Remember favorite games from the 1990s? My favorite game was for the Sega DreamCast? How about N64?

I was a big fan of Ecco: Defender of the Future, Zelda, and 1080.

I wish they'd make it for PS3 or XBox 360!

Find Some Songs from the 90s!

Videos or otherwise, songs you loved or hated, what's some of the stuff from the 90s that you remember? What do you wish you could forget?

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The NSYNC and BSB videos made me LOL so hard, I'm not gonna lie.

Neil Cicierega

A lover of the 90s, he often incorporates them into his videos... Well, he made this music video:

Which I thought was just great :)